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50th Anniversary Event at UCLA
April 18-20, 2008

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Flyers, Posters and Notices from the Original Ash Grove
[In Chronological Order]

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Flyer for the first of three concerts
that preceded the opening
of the Ash Grove - February, 1958

Flyer for the 2nd of three concerts that preceded the opening of the Ash Grove
March, 1958


Announcement of the Opening
of the Ash Grove
July, 1958

July, 1958 Flyer
Performers included Brownie McGee, Barbara Dane, Guy Carawan, and Sam Hinton


August, 1958 Flyer
Stan Wilson, Barbara Dane, Brownie McGhee, Guy Carawan, Marcia Berman, and jazz and classical musicians

Juan Serrano/Mike Janusz/Skip James/ Rita Weill/Kentucky Colonels/Bill Monroe/Doc Watson/Rev. Gary Davis/The Chambers Brothers - Feb 25-Mar, 1965


Jack Elliot/Jesse Fuller/Flying Burrito Brothers/Booker White - Oct 31-Nov 2, 1969

Lightnin Hopkins/Taj Mahal/Firesign Theatre - Dec 25-Jan 4, 1969-70


Canned Heat/John Hammond/Joe Williams
Dec 15-18, 1969

CORE/Freedom Singers
August 20-29, 1963; expanded to Sept. 29
The longest engagement in Ash Grove history, and for good reason.

  Ash Grove Discount Card
Country Joe and A Fish
April 18-20, 1970

John Herald (formerly of the Greenbriar Boys)
& Maria Muld
April 3-8, 1972


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